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Our coaching techniques assist you in organizing your life and identifying emerging and personal areas to “grow.” A key element is listening to the client to help each person, family, or group be a part of their own solution. Our success is an outcome of collaboration and full participation from coach and client. We listen, help you identify your objectives, create a plan for achieving goals, and partner with you while you learn to successfully execute your new “game” plan.

Too much to do? Too little time? Not enough money? Need to Get Organized? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, our life coaches can help you. Your contentment and satisfaction are important to healthy living which includes emotional and physical well being.

Sessions include:
  • learning skills to manage a schedule in an ever changing environment
  • techniques to find and maintain work/life balance
  • getting organized and prioritizing your time
  • managing a budget to pay down credit card debt, save for college, plan for retirement, or sustain results and grow towards financial independence
  • a nutrition and wellness assessment
Individual, family, or group sessions are available. Individual sessions are available in person, over the phone, or online.

Too much to do?
Learn how to manage daily tasks when there is too much to do. When your schedule is full, and it seems like it is constantly changing, you will learn life skills for staying motivated, prioritizing, and finishing what you start. Find a work/life balance that is personalized for you and which optimizes your strengths.

"I learned how to prioritize work to get the job done within the time I had. I learned to focus on what needs to be done for any project, at home or work, to meet a deadline."

- Mark K. Age 29 (individual session)

Too little time?
When there are too many demands on your time, learn how to get and stay organized. Your contentment and satisfaction are important to healthy living which includes emotional and physical well-being. A healthy eating and a personal fitness assessment may be included as part of your coaching experience.

"Our relationship started as a professional one and then became one of admiration and respect. My coach was genuinely interested in fostering a feeling of inclusiveness with the people around her and shares her strengths so that others can achieve their goals."

- Gail F. Age 42 (group session)

Not enough money?
Manage a budget when there are more expenses than income. Need to pay down credit card debt, save for college, plan for retirement? Learn an easy strategy to get back on track for meeting your monthly budget and learning to save for whatever you want. Already doing well? Learn how to sustain your positive results and grow towards financial independence.

"Thanks for all of the pre-work and consensus building that occurred prior to our meetings. That was really the key to our success. We have a budget our family is comfortable with and a plan for staying out of debt."

- Steve L. Age 38 (couple/family session)

Need to Get Organized?
Is your environment in chaos? Does clutter describe either your personal or living space? Disorganization can be as simple as not being able to find your car keys or as complex as never being able to throw anything away. Learn techniques to help you get organized. Become confident in your ability to make decisions that are good for you. Your coach will partner with you to develop a plan for managing any mess.

"I was completely overwhelmed by the chaos in my environment. My coach helped me put things in perspective. Her organizational skills made what I thought was an impossible task something that became manageable.”

- Amy R. Age 50 (individual session)

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